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Yarn at Crown Mountain Farms

Knitting with yarn – to some brings an image of an elderly grandmother type, knitting socks for her family while rocking on her back porch. While this is still true, “yarn” has become the catchword of an entire world of fiber. Yarn has arrived in the modern day! Yarn comes in an enormous variety of textures and colors – from wild eyelash boa yarns in rayon to thick rich natural colored wool – and everything in between. Yarn of today is beyond the ordinary! You can knit, crochet, weave, felt, and bead yarn. The only limit is your imagination! We feature a wide variety of yarns – many hand-dyed one-of-a kind. You will find yarns from rayon, soy, bamboo, wool, cotton, merino, and many blends throughout our website. If you can imagine a project, it is yours to create! Enjoy the feast for your eyes as you browse through our pages of yarn. New yarns will be added every month.

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