Crown Mountain Farms

About Crown Mountain Farms

Crown Mountain Farms is located in the countryside outside of Yelm, WA on a 5.5 acre farm. From top of the hill we have an outstanding view of the majestic Mount Rainier.

In the past years we were raising Scottish Highland Cattle, Cashgora Goats and Shetland Sheep. From raising animals for their fiber came the appreciation and the inspiration to offer exquisite spinning and knitting products. This we did first by travelling to fiber related shows in the Pacific Northwest. In 2005 we expanded the business with our own website. Under the “wings” of Crown Mountain Farms you will find many artists and their products represented through us. In 2006 we started adding handspinners to our team to produce our own line of hand-dyed, hand-spun sock yarn which led ultimately to offer also hand-spun exotic yarns.

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From raising fiber animals to the finished product, Crown Mountain Farms is a “living philosophy” and you will find our love for what we are doing reflected in the service we give to our customers.

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