Crown Mountain Farms

Spinning at Crown Mountain Farms

An ancient art is on the rise! Spinning is fast becoming the largest art form on the planet. Whether using the portable Turkish Drop Spindle or a giant Walking Wheel – spinners around the world delight in the art of creating yarn from natural fibers. Spinning wheels come in as many varieties as there are spinners. We feature a wide range of wheels from Ashford and Majacraft of New Zealand. Each spinning wheel available addresses a variety of spinning needs. The portable Turkish Drop Spindle is hand-turned on a lathe, fine-sanded to achieve a perfect spin. The Majacraft Wheels from New Zealand are handmade from Remu, a native wood to New Zealand, which is so rare that only finished products of this wood are allowed to leave the country.

Spinners often gather in local libraries, the homes of friends and family, carrying on a tradition of community in creation. Spinning guilds have been established all over the world. The fabulous “Spin Off” magazine boasts thousands of subscribers of all ages. The variety of fibers to spin is virtually endless. Artists will revel in the possibilities available to them for their unique creations. Spinning is not just a hobby of the very old, but also the joy of young children. Anyone can learn to spin – and the variety of your creation will be as unique as you are!

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