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Cushing's Perfection Direct & Acid Dye Color Information

Cushing Perfection Acid Dyes for wool. mohair, nylon & other animal fibers Available in 94 colorways – comes in a 1/3 oz package and will dye approx. 1 pound of fiber.

Cushing Perfection Direct Dyes for cotton, basketry & other plant fibers Available in 40 colorways – comes in a 1/2 oz package and will dye approx. 1 pound of fiber.


Mother MacKenzie’s Miracle Dye Mix is a combination of super-milling and weak acid dyes. Weak acid dyes bond with fiber through the application of heat, acid and capillary action (the movement of the dye liquid through the fiber.) Super-milling means that the dye is colorfast when washed with hot water, soap and agitation. This means that even if you felt it or full it, the color won’t decrease and it won’t change hue. It won’t change during dry cleaning either.

These dyes only dye protein; so you can dye wool, silk, camel, dog hair, rabbit, alpaca, etc. You can also dye some rayon and all nylons (which think they are wool). You can also dye casein plastic (a milk by-product), bone, shell, human hair and pearls. They dye vegetable proteins such us soy silk but they do not dye cellulose fibers like cotton and linen. They do not dye synthetics like polyesters and acrylic.

While these dyes are classed as having no demonstrated health risk, it is not the same as having no health risk. The powder can be an irritant to the lungs and eyes. To avoid unnecessary exposure to dye powder, we suggest that you use the dyes in a liquid solution (see instructions). Do use separate pots for cooking and dyeing. Make sure the area is well ventilated. Store them out of reach of children.

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